MobileIron, also known as Ivanti Mobile@Work is software used by TeamHealth to manage and secure mobile devices. Once registered with MobileIron / Ivanti Mobile@Work, a mobile device will be able to access corporate resources, including email by using the Nine Work app.

* Please note exact setup appearance may vary slightly based on device type and operating system version.

Before installing Ivanti Mobile@Work on your mobile device:

  • Verify you are able to login to Okta and have set up Multi-Factor Authentication. (Refer to Getting Started with Multi-Factor Authentication  on  for assistance setting up Okta.)
  • Be prepared to login to your Okta account on a computer as you’re installing Ivanti Mobile@Work on your mobile device.
  • TeamHealth suggests backing up the data on your mobile device before installing any application.

Step 1: Open the browser on your PC and enter  When the Okta login page opens, enter your TeamHealth email address and password, then choose Sign In.

Step 2: From your Okta home page, choose the MobileIron Device Registration tile.


Step 3: When the registration page opens, choose Request Registration PIN.

Step 4: On the “Request Registration PIN” form, choose the appropriate Platform for the mobile device on which you will install MobileIron. (Android users will choose Android.)

Step 5: Choose Option 1 or Option 2 below to request PIN:


Option 1. If your device does not have a phone number, check the box next to “My device has no phone number” and choose Request PIN.  (All remaining fields will be greyed out.)  Continue to Step 6.

Option 2. Enter the Phone Number of your mobile device as indicated, and provide the Operator Name (Service Provider, e.g. AT&T, Verizon).  Check the box for “Notify User By SMS” to generate a registration text message to your mobile device. Choose Request PIN, then continue to Step 6.

Step 6: From the Confirmation screen, note the following:


  • Registration PIN .Valid for 5 days. The PIN will be used in Step 9 to log in.
  • Server URL: Following “visit https://”, you will see either or
    This information is required in Step 8 to register with MobileIron.

*You do not need to open your mobile browser to register your device. Keep the Confirmation screen open on your PC for reference – you will use your phone/mobile device to finish registering with MobileIron.

Step 7: Download the “Mobile@Work” app on your mobile device.

* Please note application icon may vary slightly based on device type and operating system version.

Open the Google Play Store and enter “MobileIron” in the search bar.  Select the “Mobile@Work” icon (red briefcase), then Install when prompted.  *If app was previously installed, choose Enable instead of Install.

When the app completes installation (or has been enabled), select Open to launch the app.

Step 8: You will be directed to the initial setup screen.  Change the registration format from “Email” to “URL” by choosing Or register with URL. Enter the server URL provided in step 6 ( or in the “URL” field, then click Next in the bottom right corner.

Step 9: On the next screen, enter the Registration PIN (obtained in step 6 when logged into Okta), then select Sign in at the bottom right corner.

Step 10: The Privacy notice will appear. Once reviewed, choose Continue in the bottom right corner.

Step 11: Follow the onscreen prompts while the device is being configured.  When the “Create Work Profile” screen opens, select Continue.

Review “Terms and Conditions” and choose Agree.

Step 12: Read and follow the prompts displayed.

Please note: TeamHealth cannot access personal information on your device.  Messages preloaded by Apple and Android (that cannot be changed by TeamHealth) notify users that device administrators may have access to device information; however, TeamHealth is not implementing the ability to review, change, or delete personal content on your device.

Step 13: When MobileIron has been successfully configured, you’ll be returned to the MobileIron Home screen as seen below. Return to your device’s home screen.

Step 14: Within minutes, applications will begin to download in the background. A folder or second page of applications may appear on your home screen: it is usually named “Work” or “Workspace”. The Nine Work app might load last but should appear as shown below.

If you cannot find the folder, navigate to the place on your device where you can search installed apps to find Nine Work.

  • If Nine Work does not install after 2 minutes, you can select the secure Play Store icon (below the Contacts app in the screen shot above) and choose the Nine Work app to install.

Step 15: Choose the Nine Work app, once installed, and select the certificate shown below. Click Allow.  Your Username will already be in place.  Enter your Password, then select Next.

Step 16: Click Proceed when the “Enable phone access” prompt appears.  Nine Work will not make phone calls but enabling phone access is required to complete the installation process.

Step 17: Leave the selected contents checked to be auto-synced.  Choose Next and enter an “Account Name” (optional).  After completing name, click Next.

Step 18: Congratulations! You are now fully configured with TeamHealth email. To access email, calendar, and contacts, navigate to the “Work” folder and open the Nine Work app.  The app can be dragged out of the “Work” folder and placed on the home screen of your mobile device for faster access.


Questions? Visit for more information, updates and useful links. In the event of any technical issues, please contact the Service Desk at 800.678.3171.