TeamHealth’s new Pulse Secure VPN process will authenticate via Okta and instead of requiring certificates, and utilizes Okta’s second factor login. On initial login, you can setup your second factor using the Okta Verify mobile app (preferred method and, available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone) or SMS (text-message). After the initial setup of the Okta Verify app, upon logging into the VPN (from any computer) you will simply need to tap the ‘Accept’ button from the Okta Verify app notification and the Pulse Secure client will complete your connection.

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First Time Setup

  1. Browse to the TeamHealth VPN site¬†–¬†
  2. Sign-in Via Okta
    • Enter in your primary TeamHealth provided email address (, and your network password
    • If you do not have a TeamHealth provided email address, enter your username followed by

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  • After login, you will need to setup your secondary factor if you do not have one configured
    1. Setting up a secondary factor (multifactor authentication)
    2. Always Allow the install prompt
      • After the connection is initiated click Always to allow the execution of the Pulse Secure client. This configures your connection settings to point to the new certificate-less Pulse Secure server URL.

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    3. When you see the green check in the window as shown below, your client has successfully completed the connection process. Click close to hide the window.Smiley face
    4. Connecting to the VPN from Now On:
  • Open the Pulse Secure client and click the Connect button
  • Enter your credentials at the login screen
  • If you do not wish to be prompted for a second factor daily, check the box that says “Do not challenge me for 24 hours”
  • Tap accept on the push notification to your mobile device
  • Pulse Secure will connect you to the TeamHealth VPN