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Power Button

The power button is located at the top right of the iPad. You probably learned this one right away, since you have to press it to first turn on the iPad. Once the iPad is powered on, pressing this once again puts the iPad in standby mode. In this state the screen is turned off, but the iPad can be quickly turned back on by pressing this power button (or the home button) once again and sliding the on-screen control from left to right. When in standby mode there is still a slight amount of battery drain, though it would take several weeks to completely deplete the battery in this state. To completely power down the iPad, press and hold the power button for about 3 seconds, which will display a red slider at the top of the screen to confirm the shutdown process.

Home Button

This is the button you will use most often and is located front and center at the bottom of the iPad. Like most of the controls on the iPad, the home button’s function depends on the state of the iPad:

  • The iPad is in standby mode — tapping the home button once will turn the iPad’s screen back on (same as hitting the power button once).
  • The iPad is running an app — tapping the home button will close out the app and return you to the iPad’s home screen.
  • Double-tap at any time — double tapping the home button will reveal the multitasking bar in the middle of the screen, which displays apps that have been recently opened. Tap any of these app preview windows to quickly switch to that app.
  • Press and hold Power Button and Home Button Simultaneously — will hard reset (turn off and on/reboot) the iPad, will turn blank while you hold down the Power button and Home button, wait till the apple symbol appears then let go, the iPad will reboot and prompt you to enter your passcode.

Volume Control

  • The 2 buttons on the side of the iPad below the side switch control the volume of the iPad’s speaker or headphones if connected. You’ll see a volume level indication on the screen when adjusting this control. With the camera app open on the iPad or iPhone, you can also use the volume up button to take a picture, which is often easier to press than the on-screen control.