Step 1: On any computer or tablet, go to

Step 2: Log into Okta.

Step 3: Open Teamhealth Webmail.

  • If the chicklet does not appear in your view, please contact the Service Desk.

Step 4: Click on the gear icon in the top right corner of Webmail. Select Automatic Replies.

Step 5: Select Send automatic replies.

  • If you only want to send replies during a specific time period, check the box Only send during this time range and select a custom start time and end time.
  • Otherwise, Outlook will default to always send a automatic replies until you manually turn the setting off.

Step 6: Insert the message you would like sender to see when trying to send you an email.

  • You can create separate messages for sender inside or outside the company.

Step 7: Click Ok at the top of the page. Automatic Replies will be turned on as specified.